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Lockheed Martin. Your Mission is Ours.

Lockheed Martin solves the world’s toughest technology challenges. More than 70 nations rely on Lockheed Martin employees, products and technologies to help them protect and connect their citizens and advance scientific discovery. In a time of growing unpredictability and evolving threats, innovation and performance are at the center of everything we do.

F-35: The Best Choice for Finland

The F-35 Lightning II, built by Lockheed Martin, is the world’s premiere 5th Generation multirole stealth fighter, designed to defend against current and emerging threats. With a combination of stealth, sensor fusion and unmatched situational awareness, the F-35 can ensure Finland’s homeland security for decades to come.

When it comes to deterring threats, the F-35 has the unmatched capability to secure the Finnish airspace. Its stealth capabilities are unprecedented in tactical fighter aviation, allowing pilots to counter threats undetected, complete the mission at hand, and return the pilot home to safety. An integrated airframe design, advanced materials and other specialized design features give the F-35 a significant advantage over 4th Generation aircraft in Finland’s unique operating conditions.

In addition,the F-35 has the most powerful and comprehensive integrated sensor package of any fighter aircraft in history. Data collected by these sensors will immediately be shared with commanders at sea, in the air or on the ground, providing an instantaneous view of multi-mission operations. The Distributed Aperture System (DAS), which sends high resolution real-time imagery to the pilot’s helmet from six cameras mounted around the jet, combined with the Helmet Mounted Display (HMD), which displays all critical information a pilot needs to operate the mission.

Advanced electronic warfare capabilities enable the F-35 to locate and track threats, jam radio frequencies and disrupt attacks with unparalleled precision. The F-35 is equipped with electronically scanned array (AESA) radars with sophisticated electronic attack capabilities, including false targets, network attack and advanced jamming capabilities. This system allows the F-35 to operate in a hostile environment and suppress radars that threaten it. In addition, the F-35 is capable of stand-off jamming for other aircraft — providing 10 times the effective radiated power of any legacy fighter — and the F-35 can also operate in closer proximity to a threat (‘stand-in’) to provide jamming power many multiples that of any legacy fighter.

The F-35 provides 5th generation capability – at a price that is competitive with the cost of a 4th generation fighter.

In Oct. 2019, the U.S. Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin finalized a $34 billion contract for the production and delivery of 478 F-35s at the lowest aircraft price in program history. In the agreement, the F-35 enterprise met and exceeded its long-stated cost reduction targets for each variant.

The F-35A unit price, including aircraft and engine, is now $77.9 million in Lot 14. The approximate per variant unit prices are as follows:

The sub $80 million unit recurring flyaway cost for an F-35 represents an integrated acquisition price for the 5th Generation Weapon System. With embedded sensors and targeting pods, this F-35 unit price includes items that add additional procurement and sustainment costs to legacy 4th Generation aircraft.

F-35: The Smart Fighter for the Warfighter 

In the scope of HX Program, Security of Supply (SoS) stands for sovereign capability for undisturbed sustainment of the HX weapon system in time of crisis. This capability is attained and maintained at all organizational levels in peacetime.

At the national level, SoS is guaranteed by establishing critical and supporting maintenance capabilities in Finland and by quantifying the necessary level of materiel stock in country. Technological know-how and a capability to make airworthiness decisions independently are paramount for attaining the required level of SoS. This also ensures sufficient amount of skilled personnel for dispersed operations in time of crisis.

The F-35 is designed to be updated as technology progresses, and the threat environment evolves. Expected to remain in service until the 2070s, the F-35 is guaranteed to secure Finland’s independence for decades to come.

International cooperation is essential facing today’s ever-evolving global threats. The F-35 strengthens all branches of armed forces and enables better defense cooperation. It makes the Finnish Defense Forces a part of an international community of F-35 operators, which further enhances interoperability using the world’s most advanced and survivable technology.

The F-35 Lightning II can help Finland ensure its national security and its ability for building partnerships and interoperability for decades to come.

Lockheed Martin is working actively with the Finnish defense industry to expand opportunities for industrial participation and plays a key role in ensuring Finland’s security of supply. Finland’s participation in the F-35 program would offer Finnish defense industry companies plenty of opportunities for next-generation industrial cooperation. This cooperation would create jobs for the Finnish defense and aviation industry for decades to come.

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