Week of 7/2/2020

Happy Independence Day

This weekend, I hope you take time to relax, recharge and safety celebrate Independence Day. While celebrations will look different this year, I encourage you to take your eyes to the sky because the F-35 will partake in several flyovers across the United States.

The F-35A Demonstration Team will perform at the Thunder Over Cedar Creek Lake Airshow. The Cedar Creek Veterans Foundations puts on the airshow and proceeds go to veteran charities in Northeast Texas. This year, you can stream the airshow live from your home on July 4th. To watch the F-35 in action: Click Here

It is always inspiring to see the F-35 on public display. F-35 flyovers remind me of the sacrifices our Armed Forces make to protect and defend our freedom. I hope you feel a sense of pride when you see the F-35 soar through the sky. At Lockheed Martin, we are honored and humbled to support our men and women in uniform. Their sacrifices enable and protect our freedom. Happy 4th!

5th Gen Training For A 5th Gen Fighter

This week, I am excited to announce the F-35 Distributed Mission Training (DMT) solution has officially been accepted!

The F-35 DMT capability creates interoperability across military platforms for continuation training and large force exercises – a significant step forward in allowing the military to train like they fight when employing simulation technology.

DMT allows pilots around the world to connect and train together. For example, an F-35 pilot at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, can now enter the F-35 Mission Simulator to conduct a training mission. At the same time, more than 5,000 miles away at Misawa Air Force Base, Japan, an F-16 pilot settles into an F-16 simulator to participate in the same training exercise. DMT allows pilots to train together in the same simulated environment to prepare for what they will face on the battlefield.

DMT leverages multi-player gaming technology. This technology allows users to work together and connect, in real-time, despite physical distance. To date, compatible aircraft platforms include the

F-35, F-22, F-16CM, F-15C, and E-3C Sentry. By combining these aircraft into a single simulation, the military can now train like they fight.

“Achieving F-35 DMT is huge for the F-35 training program and Combat Air Forces (CAF) training, in general,” said Ian Newcomb, F-35 DMT Lead Systems Engineer. “It’s the first time that pilots across the USAF can conduct virtual training events with the F-35.”

Great work to the DMT team, your work paves the way for the next-generation of F-35 pilot training!  

Denmark Reaches Important Milestone

Last month, Denmark broke ground on its new facility that will house the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF)’s F-35 aircraft. This milestone demonstrates the advancement of Denmark's F-35 program.

Defense Minister Trine Bramsen and Defense Secretary Bjørn Bisserup took part in the first groundbreaking ceremony for the construction at Flyvestation Skrydstrup.

Denmark joined the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program in 2002 during the System Development and Demonstration phase and in December 2016, Denmark confirmed plans to procure 27 F-35As.

I am excited about the Danish F-35 program's progress and great work to our team on continuing to deliver for our customers.

ICYMI: July F-35 Fast Facts

The July Fast Facts are ready! This month the numbers tell a story of F-35 program maturity and your ability to Perform despite challenging circumstances. I encourage you to use

F-35 Fast Facts for the most up-to-date F-35 program information.

To check out the July Fast Facts: Click Here

To find more F-35 up-to-date program information, look to F-35 Central. F-35 Central is updated around the clock with the newest information, talking points, presentations and publicly releasable information. These resources aim to help you Shatter Silos across functions and collaborate to align our enterprise. I encourage you to use the information with your customers, stakeholders and employees.