Week of 6/11/2020

Thank You From Lt. Gen. Fick

This week, I want to share a message from Lt. Gen. Eric Fick, USAF, F-35 Program Executive Officer. He recorded a video to thank every F-35 team member for their steadfast work and commitment to the F-35 program, especially with the uncertainty of COVID-19. I encourage you to Click Here to watch his video.

“I know you are all enduring competing pressures and life concerns during these uncertain times. I want you to know that I personally appreciate all of you and your support for the F-35 enterprise. Whether you work on the line as an essential employee or at home via telework, I need you to know that you are making a difference,” said Lt Gen. Fick.

I echo his words and I thank him for his leadership and support to F-35 Nation. You each contribute to the success of our warfighters around the world and I am proud of the mission we serve.

Dambusters On Deck

This week, lightning struck on the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth. The famous “Dambusters” squadron landed on the aircraft carrier for the first time.

The 617 Squadron, known as the “Dambusters,” received their name because of their successful actions during Operation Chastise against German dams during World War II. Over the years, the squadron has flown a variety of aircraft and in 2013, the Royal Air Force announced they would become the first UK operational unit to receive the F-35 Lightning II.

Commander Mark Sparrow, the Commanding Officer of 617 Squadron, said, “Today is a significant day for HMS Queen Elizabeth on the road to delivering carrier strike operations for the Royal Navy. We are at the heart of a world-leading capability for the UK and will soon have on our decks two squadrons of F-35s – from the UK and US.”

HMS Queen Elizabeth will now enter an intense period of flying, having just completed four weeks of basic sea training. This period will show the F-35’s ability to successfully defend the aircraft carrier by delivering combat air patrols, launching from the ship to conduct strike missions against a target and the readiness to take off on short notice.

Great work to our friends across the pond and I look forward to more HMS Queen Elizabeth milestones.

Denmark Makes Their Mark

On Monday, our Danish partners revealed the tail and signature design of their F-35 aircraft.

At Lockheed Martin, we build a standard F-35 layout; however, countries can customize different elements and every country creates a national mark to distinguish their F-35s from the fleet.

The Danes chose to paint a Dannebrog, the Denmark national flag, on their aircraft. The

F-35 markings are combination of traditional Danish Dannebrog and roundel markings with a subdued graphic expression that is in line with the F-35 aircraft's design philosophy.

"The F-35 is not just the Defences or Air Force's new fighter aircraft. It is the whole of Denmark's fighter aircraft that must make sure that we can all sleep safely at night. That is why the F-35 must of course be painted with Dannebrog on the tail fin and in this way show that the F-35 is the nation's shield against enemies," says Colonel Jan Dam, chief of staff of the Defence's Aircraft Command.

In 2021, Denmark will receive their first F-35 fighter and I look forward to seeing the Dannebrog take to the skies in the near future.

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