Week of 2/6/2020

Welcome to F-35 Nation, Poland!

Last week, Poland signed a Letter of Offer and Acceptance for the purchase of 32 F-35A aircraft, becoming the latest nation to join the F-35 family. With this acquisition, Poland is the 14th country and 10th NATO member to select the F-35, a testament to the U.S. and Polish governments’ confidence in our program’s ability to deliver on our commitments.

I am proud to know the Polish Air Force will safeguard European skies in the F-35 in the near future, with aircraft deliveries beginning in 2026. As a fully interoperable aircraft with NATO and other allied assets, the F-35 ensures Poland’s national security, ability to build coalitions and maintain peacekeeping operations for decades to come.

Lockheed Martin has been a strategic partner for Poland’s national and NATO defense needs for more than 20 years. The selection of the F-35 program continues this successful relationship by not only strengthening critical alliances but also driving economic growth through the future creation of high-quality, long-term employment opportunities. We look forward to working with the Polish Government and industry partners in delivering the most capable aircraft in the world.

F-35 Nation, thank you for your efforts to grow the enterprise. I am excited about this selection, and I look forward to extending the F-35 family in the years to come.

Her Majesty Visits RAF Marham

On Monday, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited Royal Air Force (RAF) Marham. This visit comes as part of her role as the Honorary Air Commodore for the base. RAF Marham is home to two squadrons of F-35Bs, which will operate from the new aircraft carrier which shares Her Majesty's name, the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Her Majesty received a tour of the Integrated Training Centre (ITC), met with Lockheed Martin employees, got a close-up look at a static aircraft and saw a live demonstration of the F-35B hover.

Today, about 3,600 individuals work at RAF Marham, providing future F-35 pilots, maintainers and support personnel with the necessary training and simulations to fly the F-35. The airbase also provides engineering support across the RAF. The RAF declared F-35 Initial Operating Capability (IOC) in January 2019, and we anticipate the Royal Navy will declare IOC in 2020.

Thank you to the entire team at RAF Marham for putting together such an incredible visit!

To learn more about the visit: Click Here

F-35 Soars at the Super Bowl

Last Sunday, in a true display of American airpower, the F-35 flew over Super Bowl LIV in Miami, Fla. The U.S. Navy took the opportunity to showcase it’s mixed fleet of 4th and 5th Gen aircraft.

The flyover consisted of two F-35s, a F/A-18 Super Hornet and an EA-18G Growler. The four fighters created a diamond formation right at the end of the national anthem. One of the F-35s was an F-35B based in Beaufort, S.C., and the other was an F-35C from Naval Air Station Lemoore in California.

I would like to thank the U.S. Navy for their continued service to our nation in support of our common defense such that we have the liberties and freedoms that allow the opportunity to watch and participate in such an event as the Super Bowl. These events are always exciting and essential to show the world the F-35 in action. They connect everyday Americans with the tools needed to keep the United States safe. Thank you to the teams across Lockheed Martin who helped our customer put on this incredible display. I look forward to more sporting event flyovers in the future!