Week of 12/12/2019

ICYMI: F-35 All Hands Recap

Thank you for joining the F-35 All Hands on Tuesday. I appreciate you taking the time to receive F-35 enterprise updates and look ahead to the challenges we face in 2020.

I spoke to you from the RMS Global Innovation Center in Orlando, Fla. I was in Orlando to visit with Aero ALIS employees and the RMS F-35 training team. During the visit, I spoke with employees about the future of ALIS and I discussed our customers feedback and expectations with the entire F-35 team.

I also spoke with ALIS employees about their transition to Aero. I told employees I believe the transition will yield better results for our customers and that Lockheed Martin will continue to play a critical role in ALIS development and sustainment.

In 2020, the pace of the F-35 enterprise will not change. We continue to face challenges to meet customer commitments in mission readiness, sustainment and production. I plan to communicate these challenges to you. My hope is this encourages your teams to problem solve and propose solutions to critical program issues.

Thank you again for your questions and engagement! If you did not get a chance to tune in, Click Here to watch the F-35 All Hands full replay.

Without Water Carriers the F-35 Enterprise Does Not Go

Throughout my career, I have seen leaders recognize people who come in at the eleventh hour and save the day; however, I do not think we focus enough on the people who show up every day and bring their full selves to each task. These individuals carry the water. These are the people I call water carriers.

Without water, you don’t live. Without water carriers, the F-35 enterprise does not go. This week, I recognized three water carrier teams: the F-35 Training Block 4 30P04 Team, ALIS DevOps Engineering Enabler Team and the ALIS 3.1.1 Team.

While each of these teams faced different challenges their approach remains the same. Instead of shying away from the unknown, the teams came together and made use of the materials given. Most importantly, each of these teams made a significant positive impact on our customer's experience.

Great work to all the team members. You carry our water, and you make the F-35 enterprise move forward. With the end of the year approaching, I encourage you to look around your teams and recognize the individuals who come to work every day ready to Drive Change for our customers.

2019 Throwback Thursday: Vermont Air National Guard

This week, I want to highlight more 2019 F-35 milestones. Let's look back on one of my favorite places where lightning struck this year. In September, the Vermont Air National Guard received their first two F-35s. This milestone was a true changing of the guard and marked a new era of airpower.

For the last 33 years, the Vermont Air National Guard flew F-16s. The men and women of the Guard were the first military unit to fly over New York City after 9/11, and they patrolled the skies for 122 consecutive days after the attacks.

Stories like this show Lockheed Martin's important mission. Today, we have delivered five F-35s to the Vermont Air National Guard, and the unit will receive 20 total aircraft by summer 2020.

The F-35 safeguards our skies at all corners of the globe and here at home. I am proud that the men and women of the Air National Guard will use the most advanced and capable aircraft in the world, and I look forward to seeing their jets soar through the air.