Week of 11/22/2019

Alaskans Mark Their Bulkhead

There are no slow weeks on the F-35 program, and in our march to the end of the year we have welcomed many visitors to the F-35 production line.

On Monday, the Alaska Delegation came to Fort Worth to sign the bulkhead for AF-236 (aka Alaska One) which is set to be the first F-35 to arrive at Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, Alaska, this Spring.

Alaskan U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan, U.S. Representative Don Young and other Alaskan community and military leaders received an F-35 program briefing, toured the production line, signed the bulkhead and saw the first Eielson jet up close.

In October, Eielson Air Force Base announced the reactivation of the 356th Fighter Squadron to prepare for the arrival of the F-35 in spring 2020. The F-35 will bring 5th Generation firepower to the Pacific, more than 1,000 families and numerous jobs to the region.

Thank you to those who made this visit possible and to our neighbors in the far north for taking the time to visit the production line. I look forward to seeing the F-35 fly through the Alaskan air!

Gen. Holmes Thanks F-35 Production Employees

On Wednesday, U.S. Air Force Gen. James “Mike” Holmes, Commander, Air Combat Command, and other distinguished military guests visited Fort Worth.

The USAF operates the F-35A to conduct missions around the globe. In May, the USAF deployed the F-35A to conduct operations in the CENTCOM AOR for the first time.

Gen. Holmes and F-35 pilots and maintainers from Hill Air Force Base made stops along the F-35 production line to thank employees for their efforts to build the most survivable and advanced aircraft in the world. The distinguished guests spoke about the high quality and reliability of the F-35 and their recent deployments and how the F-35 operates and performs with excellence on every mission.

At Lockheed Martin, we are proud to support our men and women in uniform. I would like to thank Gen. Holmes and his team for taking the time to meet and thank our employees for your focus on quality and attention to detail as we produce the most advanced 5th generation fighter in the world in support of warfighter.

The F-35 Brings It @ Blue Flag

I consider myself an airplane guy, and Blue Flag 2019 lived up to the hype. The Israeli Air Force hosted its biennial two-week 5th Generation fighter exercise.

Five countries, including Israel, the United States, Germany, Greece and Italy, brought their fighters to Uvda Air Force Base to put their capabilities to the test.

This was the first time the F-35 operated at Blue Flag and it exceeded every expectation. This exercise involved more than 70 aircraft and 1,000 personnel. The goal of the exercise is to simulate extreme war and coalition flight scenarios in the most realistic manner and provide opportunities for pilots and maintainers to prepare for future missions.

It is tremendous to see the F-35 execute on the international stage. Blue Flag 2019 demonstrates our ability to strengthen global security and provide mission readiness every time.

Thank You F-35 Employees And Happy Thanksgiving!

This past week I had the opportunity to thank many of you in Fort Worth for all of your hard work in support of our collective mission in developing, delivering and sustaining the most advanced 5th Generation fighter in the world. Thanks also to the many in support roles that enable the F-35 enterprise. We cannot do it without you.

Next week, in the U.S. we will celebrate Thanksgiving. Regardless of your location or your traditions, I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you spend the holiday surrounded by family, friends and food. I also encourage you to reach out and share with those around you that may not be as fortunate. This year, I am thankful for many things, one of which is the F-35 Nation.

As I mentioned, in Fort Worth, the F-35 Leadership Team got the chance to thank Team Aero for your tremendous strides in 2019. We will host similar events at other sites, so keep your eyes on insideLM for upcoming events.

Thanks to all for being All In and Raising the Bar every time and delivering on our customer commitments. Enjoy the break, and I hope you come back full and ready to fire on all cylinders!

Programming note: In observance of Thanksgiving, the Weekly Update will resume on Dec. 5.