Week of 11/14/2019

F-35 Program On Capitol Hill

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to testify on Capitol Hill on behalf of Lockheed Martin and the F-35 Lightning II industry team. I spoke alongside Matthew Bromberg, President of Military Engines at Pratt & Whitney, at the U.S. House Armed Services Subcommittees on Readiness and Tactical Air and Land Forces. We spoke to U.S. Representatives on critical topics associated with F-35 Sustainment, Production and Affordability.

Topics included the F-35 program’s maturity and our steadfast work and commitment to building the most survivable, lethal and affordable aircraft. We discussed that the F-35 program remains on track. Today, 455+ F-35s take to the skies from 20 bases in nine countries. Every day the F-35 transforms coalition operations and changes the game for the warfighter.

We shared with U.S. Representatives how the F-35 powers economic growth. In the United States alone, the economic impact is more than $44 billion annually. The F-35 program uses 1,500 tier-one suppliers across 45 states and Puerto Rico to support more than 220,000 direct and indirect jobs.

I am extremely grateful and proud of the opportunity to speak on behalf of Lockheed Martin, our industry teammates and the F-35 program. It is because of all of the collective individual contributions that the F-35 enterprise is successful in defending our national security and freedoms for our nation and those of our allies. Our diligence in being All In each and every day is what provides for collective success. My hat is off to each and everyone and every organization across the F-35 enterprise.

Thank You Veterans

On Monday, we honor our men and women in uniform to celebrate Veterans Day. At Lockheed Martin, we are a proud supporter of the military and we never forget who we are working for. I am honored to lead a program that supports and protects our armed forces.

In case you missed it, to celebrate Veterans Day, Lockheed Martin teamed up with NASCAR driver Noah Gragson, JR Motorsports and Luke Air Force Base to show our appreciation for those who serve. Noah stopped by our Fort Worth facility a few weeks ago to meet our employee veterans and see the F-35 program up close.

Thank you to all those who serve. Today and every day, we salute you.

Lightning Keepers: NAS Lemoore

Naval Air Station (NAS) Lemoore, founded in 1961, introduced the F-18 Hornets and F-18 Super Hornets to the Navy and the Marines, and today it flies and sustains the F-35C. At Lemoore, Lockheed Martin professionals partner with our customers to keep the F-35 mission ready.

Currently, two F-35C squadrons operate from Lemoore, VFA-125 and VFA-147. Within each of these squadrons, Lockheed Martin employees work hand-in-hand with our customer to keep jets flying.

These Sustainment experts perform continuous improvements to ensure we deliver More Readiness @ Less Cost and Agile and Affordable Modernization. Great work to the team, and it was awesome to see our field employees in action!

National Aviation History Month: Mission X

In November, we celebrate National Aviation History Month. This week, I want to look back on an important day for the F-35 program. On July 20, 2001, the world watched Lockheed Martin perform an aviation first, Mission X.

Amid the Joint Strike Fighter competition, Mission X was the opportunity to showcase the X-35s supersonic Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing stealth capabilities. Mission X consisted of a 450-foot short takeoff, climbing to 25,000 feet, making a supersonic dash, and returning to the field for a vertical landing – aviation first. Mission X was deemed the F-35 program’s Hat Trick.

Recently, Mission X test pilot, Arthur “Turbo” Tomassetti, sat down to tell Mission X from his perspective.