Week of 1/30/2020

Miramar Marks Another 2020 Milestone

On Jan. 22, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar received its first F-35C. The USMC safeguards the skies and seas around the world and was the first service to declare Initial Operational Capability (IOC), in July 2015.

Marine Fight Attack Squadron 314, known as the "Black Knights," takes the honor as the first USMC squadron to carry out F-35C operations. The squadron was also the first to transition to the F-4B Phantom ground-attack aircraft in 1961, and were the first members of 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing to transition to jet aircraft in 1952 and flying the F-9F Panther.

We expect big things from the F-35C this year. The aircraft completed its fleet carrier qualifications on the carrier Abraham Lincoln in 2018. In 2020, the F-35C will make its first upcoming sustained deployment aboard the USS Carl Vinson. Look out for more updates this year!

First Denmark F-35 Starts Production

Last week, the first Denmark forward fuselage arrived in Fort Worth. This marks the start of production for the first Danish F-35.

Lockheed Martin’s Danish interns were on hand for the production start to give the forward fuselage a proper Danish welcome. The interns are part of a special training program on the Quality Assurance team in Fort Worth.

Denmark joined the F-35 program in 2002 and contributed to the development and demonstration phase and their work influenced many elements of the F-35 today. Fast forward, 18 years, and soon, we will celebrate Denmark’s first F-35 rollout.

Several Danish companies contribute to the F-35 program. Denmark supplies manufacturing parts such as pylons, advanced composites, machine parts, radar components and horizontal tail edges on every aircraft. Today, Denmark plans to procure 27 F-35As.

Godt arbejde to the team! I look forward to seeing the first Danish F-35A roll off the line.

ICYMI: F-35 All Hands

F-35 Nation, thank you for joining the F-35 All Hands today. I appreciate you taking the time to receive F-35 enterprise updates and look ahead to the challenges we face in 2020.

I hope you walked away from the discussion with a better understanding of how your work aligns with the overall F-35 strategy.

In 2020, the pace of the F-35 enterprise will not change. Our customers will continue to challenge us to deliver across all lines of effort. Thank you again for your questions and engagement. I'll see you at the next one!

To watch a replay of the All Hands: Click Here

Next stop, HMS IOC 

HMS Queen Elizabeth is one step closer to Initial Operational Capability (IOC). This week, the team set sail to commence the last three testing points.

During this phase, the 207 Squadron, a joint Royal Navy and Royal Air Force (RAF) Lightning Force Training unit, will carry out the tests.

The trials include take offs and landings, day and night flights from the carrier’s deck. The aircraft will take-off from RAF Marham base. Six pilots from the British Navy and RAF will participate in the aircraft carrier qualifications.

These flights will allow the pilots to familiarize themselves with the landing process on the carrier’s 4.5-acre deck under different conditions. With the vessel specifically built to fly the jet, the flight demonstrations will also test HMS Queen Elizabeth’s crew and systems.

If you’re in the UK, look up, Lightning is in the forecast!