Week of 1/24/2020

The Ultimate Multi-Domain Operations Connection

This week, the F-35 enterprise announced a program first. In Dec. 2019, two U.S. Air Force F-35As successfully integrated with the U.S. Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System (IBCS). This integration shows the F-35’s ability to provide airborne sensor capability and detect, track and intercept threats. The test took place at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

The F-35s were used in an IBCS live-fire test against multiple airborne targets. The F-35s advanced sensors seamlessly connected with ground units to further extend the range of Integrated Air and Missile Defense interceptors. This connectivity reduces the data-to-decision timeline from minutes to seconds, which is critical to fighting today’s adversaries and advanced threats.

This test takes multi-domain operations to the next level. It showcases Lockheed Martin’s ability to provide customers with connectivity in the air, at sea, on the ground, in the webs of cyberspace and to the depths of space. This test shows integration of multiple systems across multiple domains to help win the fight for the future. These developments prove yet another F-35 capability. Great work by the team!

The Next Chapter of F-35 Software: ODIN

Last week, you may have heard the news, under JPO leadership, Lockheed Martin will work with our partners to develop the Operational Data and Integrated Network (ODIN). ODIN will deliver a new cloud-based network to our customers and replace ALIS. ODIN will reduce administrator workload and design and provide data in real-time.

ODIN focuses on four key areas: data quality, usability, affordability and cybersecurity. ODIN will update the F-35 software, similar to automatic updates on your smartphone. This sort of thinking will keep the F-35 ahead and ready to update in real-time. We will begin to deliver ODIN to our customers in late 2020 with full operational capability by December 2022.

I am confident in our ability to deliver this necessary update to our customers. I know we have an aggressive timeline ahead of us, but I am confident in the F-35 team to come together to design and implement new software to fit our customer’s needs.

Achievement Unlocked: First F-35 Pilot to Hit 1,000 Flight Hours 

F-35 Nation, yesterday, I was lucky enough to celebrate an exciting program milestone. For the first time ever, a customer F-35 pilot hit 1,000 flight hours. LtCol Brian “Bannski” Bann takes the honor. LtGen Rudder and I presented Bannski with the first ever F-35 1,000 flight hours patch and plaque.

Bannski is no stranger to the skies. He also has significant experience in the AV-8B Harrier II and F-16 Fighting Falcon. He began his F-35 career in VMFAT-501 at Eglin AFB in 2013, then at MCAS Beaufort, and now continues it right here in Fort Worth.

This milestone shows the maturity of the F-35 program. I hope to see more F-35 1,000 flight hour patches soon!

ICYMI: F-35 Impossible Engineering Episode

Last week, the F-35 took center stage on the Science Channel hit, “Impossible Engineering.” From, concept to the cockpit, the episode shows the story of the F-35 program.

While watching, you may see some familiar faces. Keep your eyes peeled for the VP of F-35 Engineering and Technology, Santi Bulnes and Lockheed Martin Chief Test Pilot, Al Norman.

If you want to understand the inner workings of the fighter of the future, I encourage you to check the episode out. It is fantastic to see the science behind the 5th Generation capabilities of the F-35.

Alright, F-35 Nation, that’s a wrap, have a great week!

To see a preview of the episode: Click Here