Week of 1/16/20

Congresswoman Tours F-35 Production Line & FY20 Defense Bills Update

Last week, U.S. Rep. Kay Granger visited the Lockheed Martin Fort Worth facility for a production line tour and to meet with employees. Rep. Granger represents Texas’ 12th Congressional District, which contains the Lockheed Martin Fort Worth facility.

Rep. Granger, in her role as ranking minority member of the House Appropriations Committee, helped pass the Fiscal Year 2020 Defense and National Security Bills, which contain funding for the F-35 program.

These bills were signed by the President on Dec. 20, 2019, and include $860.3 billion in funds; of that sum, $738 billion is for defense spending. The defense bill includes $13.4 billion funding for 98 F-35 aircraft, an increase of 20 aircraft above the original budget request. The bill further supports additional spares, modernization and economic order quantities for additional future aircraft.

In Rep. Granger’s district, the F-35 program provides 49,000 jobs and $9.4 billion of economic activity. Thank you, Rep. Granger, for your visit to Fort Worth.

The Lions of the South Take Flight In Israel

The F-35, "The Lions of the South," roared this week. The Israel Air Force (IAF) formally inaugurated the 116 Squadron today. To mark this accomplishment, the IAF hosted an opening ceremony with IAF Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin.

The Lions will join the 140 "Golden Eagle" Squadron. The Golden Eagle Squadron was the first international country in the world to use the F-35 in combat operations.

Today, Israel operates 20 "Adirs." Israel refers to the F-35 by Adir which means mighty one. Israel chose the might of the F-35 enterprise to support its long-term defense needs. Today the F-35 provides the backbone for its air security. The F-35 gives the IAF the next-generation capabilities to protect and defend Middle Eastern skies.

I want to thank all the men and women at Lockheed Martin who support the Israel F-35 program. Your work helps grow the enterprise. The 116 Squadron stand up marks another significant 2020 milestone for F-35 Nation! Kudos to our friends in Israel and I'm excited to see the Lions roar through the air.

January Fast Facts Available Now

F-35 Nation, the first F-35 Fast Facts of the year are ready! The numbers show the maturity of the enterprise. Before we know it, we will hit 500 F-35 deliveries and 1,000 F-35 pilots.

To check out the Fast Facts: Click Here

To find more F-35 up-to-date program information, look to F-35 Central. F-35 Central is updated around the clock with the newest information, talking points, presentations and publicly releasable information.

These resources aim to help you Shatter Silos across functions and collaborate to align our enterprise. I encourage you to use the information with your customers, stakeholders and employees.

Upside Down: F-35 Demo Team Trains & Spotlight on Hill AFB

Last week, the 2020 F-35 Demo Team finished their first week of practice. The team now soars through the skies at Hill Air Force Base. There are quite a few excellent images to come out of the first practice week. Check out one of my favorite images on the right. To view more images: Click Here

Hill Air Force Base is home to not only the 2020 F-35 Demo Team, but it flies, maintains and supports 78 other F-35As. The wing must be prepared to launch any number of aircraft to support our national defense mission at a moment’s notice.

From April to October 2019, Hill AFB F-35As deployed to Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates, and conducted combat operations in support of the Central Command mission in the region. In October, they departed on their second combat deployment.

F-35 Nation, it is great to see this aircraft in the field and performing as advertised for our men and women in uniform. The readiness of the Hill AFB fleet shows your ability to Perform for our customers and meet their mission requirements. This is due to your hard work across all lines of effort: development, production and sustainment. This year, I will continue to highlight the great work across the enterprise. All right, F-35 Nation, that’s a wrap, have a great week!