General Manager Weekly Update

  • Week of 12/19/2019

    Week of 12/19/2019

    Today, we hit 126 2019 F-35 deliveries. This means we are 5 away from meeting our 2019 F-35 Deliveries Commitment. We anticipate we will reach this milestone over the holiday break. This year, Team Aero and the F-35 Nation came together and delivered on our commitments for our customers.

  • Week of 12/12/2019

    Week of 12/12/2019

    Thank you for joining the F-35 All Hands on Tuesday. I appreciate you taking the time to receive F-35 enterprise updates and look ahead to the challenges we face in 2020. I spoke to you from the RMS Global Innovation Center in Orlando, Fla. I was in Orlando to visit with Aero ALIS employees and the RMS F-35 training…

  • Week of 11/22/2019

    Week of 11/22/2019

    There are no slow weeks on the F-35 program, and in our march to the end of the year we have welcomed many visitors to the F-35 production line. On Monday, the Alaska Delegation came to Fort Worth to sign the bulkhead for AF-236 (aka Alaska One) which is set to be the first F-35 to arrive at Eielson Air Force Base in…

  • Week of 11/14/2019

    Week of 11/14/2019

    Yesterday, I had the opportunity to testify on Capitol Hill on behalf of Lockheed Martin and the F-35 Lightning II industry team. I spoke alongside Matthew Bromberg, President of Military Engines at Pratt & Whitney, at the U.S. House Armed Services Subcommittees on Readiness and Tactical Air and Land Forces. We spoke to…

  • Week of 10/31/2019

    Week of 10/31/2019

    This week, the F-35 program made history. We announced the F-35 Lot 12-14 contract with the Pentagon. This is the biggest F-35 contract of all time and covers 478 total F-35s. This achieves our long-standing affordability target of $80 million by 2020, one year ahead of schedule.

  • Week of 10/17/2019

    Week of 10/17/2019

    This week, I want to share some positive customer feedback. The 388th Fighter Wing out of Hill Air Force Base announced that this summer nearly 70 F-35As conducted successful operations on three continents and in nine countries. These F-35s supported multiple combatant commanders and completed every mission.

  • Week of 10/10/2019

    Week of 10/10/2019

    Last month, the Acceptance Test Facility (ATF) cleared its 500th F-35. Another key milestone demonstrating our program maturity, progress and readiness to ramp to full rate production. The ATF uses industry-leading technology to provide a full-scale aircraft test that verifies each F-35 meets its radar cross section…

  • Week of 9/26/2019

    Week of 9/26/2019

    Last month, the Panther Beast Competition took place at Luke Air Force Base where Pilots and maintainers demonstrated the F-35s weapons capacity and mission readiness. Pilots flew 50 miles to acquire and destroy 6 to 12 targets in 45 minutes. The most accurate pilot was crowned the "Panther Beast.”

  • Week of 9/19/2019

    Week of 9/19/2019

    Today, the Air National Guard received its first two F-35s in Burlington, Vermont. This milestone truly signifies a changing of the guard and marks a new era of air power. “The arrival of the F-35 is a significant milestone for the Green Mountain Boys of the Vermont Air National Guard and state of Vermont. The…

  • Week of 9/13/2019

    Week of 9/13/2019

    This week, I would like to highlight two American hero’s. On Saturday, C.E. “Bud” Anderson and Dean “Diz” Laird visited the Lockheed Martin display at the Tailhook Symposium in Reno, Nevada. Bud and Diz were childhood friends, fellow Boy Scouts and later became World War II flying aces together. Both men made…

  • Weekof 9/5/2019

    Weekof 9/5/2019

    Today I am writing to you from Poland where I am attending Miedzynarodowy Salon Przemyslu Obronnego, which means, International Defence Industry Exhibition, known to conference goers as MSPO. Lockheed Martin and 600 other companies from 31 nations are together to discuss how to partner to meet rising global threats.

  • Week of 8/29/2019

    Week of 8/29/2019

    The F-35 is usually up in the sky, but now it will take to the streets! The F-35 Texas specialty license plate launches Sept. 1 at Department of Motor Vehicles locations across the state. I would like to thank the champions of the bill, Texas State Senator Jane Nelson, Texas State Representative Charlie Geren and all…