General Manager Weekly Update

  • Week of 4/9/2020

    Week of 4/9/2020

    This week, I hosted an F-35 leader call to share updates and to consider future F-35 COVID-19 challengesand impacts. I emphasized that the F-35 program, Aeronautics and Lockheed Martin remain strong. Our team stands ready to weather the COVID-19 pandemic. Like I’ve said before, I believe now more than ever,…

  • Week of 4/2/2020

    Week of 4/2/2020

    The F-35 program continues to operate despite COVID-19 constraints and challenges. To date, we have seen minimal impacts and I commend the entire team for your ability to come together and perform with excellence amid uncertainty at home and around the world.

  • Week of 3/26/2020

    Week of 3/26/2020

    In this time of uncertainty, I want to provide an update on how the program continues to address COVID-19. My number one priority will always remain your health and safety. Because of our unique role in national security, we are asked by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense to keep normal…

  • Week of 3/19/2020

    Week of 3/19/2020

    Last week, I provided a Coronavirus (COVID-19) and F-35 program update. Amidst the 24/7 news cycle, I think it’s important to continue to share information during this time.The Fort Worth production line continues to produce F-35s for our customers around the world. This week, I walked our line and spoke with…

  • Week of 3/12/2020

    Week of 3/12/2020

    I know all of you have been tracking the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the news recently. I would like to provide an update on its F-35 program impact. We continue to coordinate with health officials and ask all employees with potential exposure to COVID-19 to work remotely and self-quarantine. We continue to monitor all…

  • Week of 3/5/2020

    Week of 3/5/2020

    This week, we delivered the 500th F-35. The 500th shows the maturity of the F-35 program and our readiness for full-rate production. I commend you for your work to produce these jets and keep 'em flying. The 500th F-35 is a U.S. Air Force F-35A. The aircraft will call the Burlington Air National Guard Base, Vermont…

  • Week of 2/28/2020

    Week of 2/28/2020

    This week I am in Orlando, Fla., where I am meeting with U.S. Air Force and defense leaders to discuss the game-changing capabilities the F-35 brings to the battlespace. AFA comes at an exciting time for the F-35 program, as we approach three significant milestones. In a few weeks we will deliver the 500th F-35 and…

  • Week of 2/13/2020

    Week of 2/13/2020

    This week, two F-35As from Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, arrived in Finland to participate in the 2020 HX Challenge - the Finnish Air Forces’ (FINAF) series of flight evaluation trials. These evaluations will help Finland choose its next fighter aircraft to help protect its sovereignty for the next 50 years and beyond.

  • Week of 2/6/2020

    Week of 2/6/2020

    Last week, Poland signed a Letter of Offer and Acceptance for the purchase of 32 F-35A aircraft, becoming the latest nation to join the F-35 family. With this acquisition, Poland is the 14th country and 10th NATO member to select the F-35, a testament to the U.S. and Polish governments’ confidence in our program’s…

  • Week of 1/30/2020

    Week of 1/30/2020

    On Jan. 22, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar received its first F-35C. The USMC safeguards the skies and seas around the world and was the first service to declare Initial Operational Capability (IOC), in July 2015. Marine Fight Attack Squadron 314, known as the "Black Knights," takes the honor as the first USMC…

  • Week of 1/24/2020

    Week of 1/24/2020

    This week, the F-35 enterprise announced a program first. In Dec. 2019, two U.S. Air Force F-35As successfully integrated with the U.S. Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System (IBCS). This integration shows the F-35’s ability to provide airborne sensor capability and detect, track and intercept…

  • Week of 1/16/20

    Week of 1/16/20

    Last week, U.S. Rep. Kay Granger visited the Lockheed Martin Fort Worth facility for a production line tour and to meet with employees. Rep. Granger represents Texas’ 12th Congressional District, which contains the Lockheed Martin Fort Worth facility.