USAF Leaders Say F-35 Simulator Increasingly Important

Defense News // December 31, 2014

WASHINGTON — Proponents of the F-35 joint strike fighter highlight the plane's immense data-fusion capabilities, its stealth technologies and its overall connectivity.

But while the high-tech aspects of the plane draw the attention, the jet's simulator has become vital to both the training of pilots and development of tactics. And with Pentagon officials saying the advanced jet has classed itself out of some traditional range training, it will only grow in importance.

As the head of the Air Force Warfare Center at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, Maj. Gen. Jay Silveria is in charge of developing tactics for the F-35A. He was also the first general to be checked out on the F-35, giving him a unique perspective on how to train and test with the jet.

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Photo by Lockheed Martin.