The First Israeli F-35 Squadron

Israel Defense // October 06, 2015

History in the making: IAF has recently initiated the establishment of a new squadron for the state-of-the-art F-35 future fighters, designated "Adir" in Israel.

The squadron is being established at an IAF airbase in the southern region of Israel, and its first commander will be Lt. Col. Yotam.

The establishment of a squadron is a primary phase in the process of assimilating a new aircraft by IAF. This is the first new fighter model to enter service with IAF since the delivery of the Sufa (F-16I) fighters in the beginning of the last decade.

In a first transaction, IAF acquired 14 fighters from the manufacturer, Lockheed Martin. A subsequent transaction will involve the manufacture of 17 additional fighters, but IAF intends to acquire a total of two squadrons (50 fighters) of the new fighters initially, and in the long run – 75 fighters that would form three squadrons. The first aircraft intended for IAF are already being built on the production line of Lockheed Martin.

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