Red Flag Firsts

Air Force Magazine // July 19, 2016

The US-only iteration of the 2016 Red Flag exercises is underway, with two unique features. Red Flag 16-3 is the first of the Air Force’s premier air combat training exercises commanded by a space domain officer, instead of an aviator, and the first to involve an F-35 Lightning II fighter.

The three-weeks of intense joint operations is focused on multi-domain integration and is commanded by Col. DeAnna Burt, Red Flag 16-3 Air Expeditionary Wing commander and a space domain specialist. The Lightning II participating for the first time is an F-35B model from Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121, the nation’s first operational F-35 unit. The exercise is administrated by the Air Force Warfare Center and executed through the 414th Combat Training Squadron. It will involve 115 aircraft from 25 US units testing ways to apply multi-domain operations to accomplish a tactical mission.

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