Navy’s F-35C Makes First Appearance at Lemoore Naval Air Station

Stars and Stripes // April 15, 2015

The F-35C jet fighter made its first appearance at the Navy’s West Coast air base Tuesday, providing an up-close look at the nation’s newest generation of jet fighter.

But the pair of jet fighters that had been flown in from Eglin Air Force Base in Florida had to be grounded due to the Valley’s high winds, said Cmdr. Jeannie Groenveld, a Navy spokeswoman.

A flyover had been planned for local media, dignitaries and base personnel but was postponed to Wednesday for safety reasons. If a jet were to malfunction and the pilot had to eject, high winds could make parachuting problematic, she said.

Still, the mood at the base has been positively “electric” since the jets arrived over the weekend, because everyone can finally see what they’ve heard so much about for several years, said Capt. David E. Koss, commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet’s strike fighter wing in Lemoore.

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