NAS Lemoore is Preparing for the F-35C

ABC 30 News // July 31, 2015

The Navy is shifting resources to the Pacific. Soon, the F-35C will land at the NAS Lemoore but first, the base needs to modify a hangar.

Public Works Officer, Kevin Norton added, "They weren't even built for the super hornets that are here, it has different facility requirements."

On Thursday, the Navy showed us what the new hangar will look like and naval officers talked about what the project will bring to the Valley.

"It'll bring jobs, it'll bring revenue, it will improve our relevancy," said Captain David Koss, the Commander of the Strike Fighter Wing, U.S. Pacific.

Right now, the F-35 "Charlie" as the Navy calls it, is in Florida. Eventually, a replacement fleet will fly to the West Coast. When the transition is complete, there will be 100 of the new jets in Lemoore and the base will be the largest naval strike fighter hub in the nation.

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