F-35 Simulation Facility Opens in UK for F-35 Development

Lockheed Martin UK // November 24, 2014

AMPTHILL, UK, November 21, 2014: A simulation facility for the F-35 Lightning II has been opened at Lockheed Martin UK’s Ampthill site in Bedfordshire.

Photo by Lockheed Martin.

The Virtual Analysis Laboratory (VAL) is designed to allow current and future pilots and engineers of the fifth generation stealth fighter jet to assess the aircraft’s mission system and put the software through its paces.

By simulating battle scenarios, users are able to get a realistic understanding of how the F-35B will operate. The virtual cockpits, networked together to emulate multi aircraft operations, allow military personnel and industry to test how the software responds to a variety of situations.

Lockheed Martin is then able to use the VAL output to tailor how the UK intends to operate the aircraft either in sovereign missions or with coalition forces. The work done at the VAL will contribute to the development of updated software that will be fitted to F-35Bs.

The VAL offers a flexible and affordable design and analysis environment that will be increasingly important as the UK takes delivery of more aircraft.

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