Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney Confirm Pursuit Forward with Belgian industry on ESI Projects

March 21, 2019

During a ceremonial signing event today, Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney, together with about twenty industry members from the three Belgian regions, have formally confirmed to move forward with industrial projects.

Since the Belgian government’s selection of the F-35, Lockheed Martin and F135 engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney have been engaged in an open dialogue with Belgian industry and authorities to create successful projects and maximize the long-term opportunities identified in the Essential Security Interests (ESI) framework defined by the Belgian government. Today’s gathering marks an important step towards achieving this goal. 

Steve Sheehy, Vice President, F-35 Business Development & Strategic Integration (Acting), for Lockheed Martin, stated: “Industrial partnerships are key to the success of the Belgium F-35 Program. Since the beginning, Lockheed Martin has been closely engaged with the Air Combat Capability Program (ACCaP) team and the FPS Economy to refine the implementation process in order to be able to deliver on its promises made to Belgian industry in a timely manner.”

Steve Sheehy, Vice President, F-35 Business Development & Strategic Integration (Acting), speaks on the benefits the F-35 will bring to Belgian industry. 

Caroline Cooper, Senior Director, International Business Development at Pratt & Whitney said: “Pratt & Whitney is proud of its longstanding relationship with Belgium, which spans more than 40 years. We are excited about the opportunity to discuss the sustainment of our military engine platforms with several Belgian industry leaders in support of Belgium’s defined Essential Security Interests.”

Lockheed Martin has been a long-standing strategic partner of the Belgian military and the national defense and aerospace industry with the F-104, C-130 and F-16. Lockheed Martin values the trust bestowed by the Belgian government’s recent decision and is looking forward to strengthening this 40-year relationship for the decades to come.

“With the acquisition of the F-35, our partnership with the state-of-the-art Belgian aerospace industry will continue, creating high-quality, long-term employment opportunities. The F-35 is the European aircraft of choice for replacing heritage fleets and Belgium will benefit from future upgrades and capabilities, strengthening the local cutting-edge technological expertise and know-how,” said Steve Sheehy.