Lockheed Develops Portable F-35 Trainer

Defense News // December 01, 2014

Orlando, Florida — The F-35 joint strike fighter is a highly advanced, stealthy fighter that requires significant amounts of training to master. If program officials have their way, it will also be used by US forces and international allies around the globe.

If that international dream becomes reality, keeping current on training becomes a problem. After all, there are only a few major training centers scheduled for the plane, and bringing pilots back from the field costs time and money.

Enter Lockheed Martin’s new Deployable Mission Rehearsal Trainer (DMRT), which the company says will help keep pilots current as well as provide high-fidelity mission planning.

Photo by Lockheed Martin.

The DMRT is a simple concept: two simulators in what is essentially a shipping container. A second container is attached to provide HVAC and power for the system. The system can also link with a second DMRT, giving four pilots a chance to train together.

Mike Luntz, Lockheed’s director for F-35 training systems, said his team is focused on getting the DMRT ready for use on a carrier, but envisions it will also be used in the field.

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