JSF the only way to fly into future

The Australian // May 31, 2014

[...] Given our starting point, buying more Super Hornets was probably the easiest and least expensive option. But the production line won’t be open for much longer, and they’d have to be bought in the next few years, putting them firmly into the forward estimates period for budget purposes. That alone would be enough to scotch that idea, but there’s also too much doubt about a capability growth path beyond 2030 to bet on the Super Hornet long term.

So the F-35 becomes the only logical choice for Australia. It’s the only 21st century design on the market, and it promises much higher performance than any of the alternatives. The next question becomes the numbers. With 14 already approved (though only two of those are contracted to date), the new approval of 58 brings the total up to 72 — a near perfect one-for-one replacement for the old Hornets.

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Photo by News Corp Australia.