Hill Air Force Base Welcomes New F-35 Fighter Jet

Good4Utah // October 15, 2015

It's a big day at Hill Air Force Base. It's officially welcoming America's newest fighter jet.  

The newest fighting jets at Hill Air Force Base are getting a lot of attention. 

"This is an airplane you can all be proud of," said Col. David B. Lyons, 388th Fighter Wing, Commander. 

On Wednesday, H.A.F.B. welcomed the new "F-35 Lightning II" fighter jet. 

"The F-35 is survivable, lethal, and adaptable. It provides a degree of situational awareness in the battle space unlike anything I've ever seen," said Lyons.

Utah lawmakers said the F-35 will be a great asset against America's western foes. 

"It seems like every week there's a new story in the news about our geo-political adversaries aggressively asserting themselves in the air and in the water of the western Pacific," said Sen. Mike Lee, (R) Utah, Senate Armed Services Committee.  

They said it marks a great day for our nation's military advancement. 

"It's also a great day for Hill Air Force Base. It says this base is not just important to our community, it is also viable to this nation," said Rep. Rob Bishop, (R) Utah, House Armed Services Committee. 

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch was instrumental in bringing the F-35s to Utah. 

"I've worked tirelessly towards this goal because I believe in the F-35's mission, and I believe in Hill Air Force Base," said Sen. Orrin Hatch, (R) Utah, Pres. Pro Temp., U.S. Senate.  

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