F-35’s Joint Strike Missile Completes Flight Test

Defense News // November 11, 2015

In a major milestone, the Joint Strike Missile designed for the F-35 fighter jet successfully completed a flight test last week.

The missile was launched from an F-16 based out of Edwards Air Force Base, California, over the Utah Test and Training Range, according to a Nov. 11 statement from Norwegian defense company Kongsberg, which develops the JSM jointly with Raytheon. The successful test validated the maturity of the JSM, according to the release.

"This successful flight test further validates that JSM will be an ideal solution for the medium-range anti-ship and land attack mission," said Mike Jarrett, Raytheon Missile Systems vice president of Air Warfare Systems, according to the statement. "Raytheon and Kongsberg are working together to deliver this important, new capability to customers around the globe."

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