F-35s at Hill Working Well

Air Force Magazine // October 16, 2015

​The first three F-35A jets flying at Hill AFB, Utah, are performing very well and have suffered no canceled sorties due to maintenance, 388th Fighter Wing Commander Col. David Lyons said at an Oct. 14 ceremony officially marking the start of F-35A operations there.

“Since Sept. 2, we’ve flown our new jets hard,” Lyons said in his address. Missions flown so far have included​ “basic surface attack, air-to-air intercepts, opposed surface attack, and light suppression of enemy air defenses,” he said, and “so far … the airplanes have met all our expectations in the air,” and “we have not lost a single flight” due to a mechanical problem. “Obviously, we can’t stay perfect forever,” he added, “but if our first month is any indication, this jet is going to be a workhorse.” Air Combat Command chief Gen. Hawk Carlisle said the F-35 will allow the US to operate in anti-access, aerial-denial battlefields and be “a force multiplier,” he said. 

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