F-35 Lightning II Demonstrator Showcases Fifth-Generation Capabilities

Stars and Stripes // October 14, 2015

Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea - A demonstrator for the fifth generation of advanced combat and air superiority arrived here Oct 8 for a two-day visit.

Members from across base were able to come out and experience what flying an F-35 Lightning II would be like.

The demonstrator showed participants how critical air superiority is to any successful modern -day military operation.

"This experience was pretty eye-opening for me," said Capt. Sky Villers, 36th Fighter Squadron chief officer and an F-16 Fighting Falcon pilot. "Just to be able to see and interact with the avionics was pretty impressive. When you're piloting it, you are able to concentrate on the bigger picture with more complete information, allowing easier ability to focus, decide and act."

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