The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: simply a phenomenal flying machine

The Telegraph // May 05, 2013

Squadron Leader Frankie Buchler, currently testing Britain's new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter in the US, speaks to the Telegraph about the jet "that looks out for its pilot".

The smile on the face of the test pilot as he completed a successful vertical landing of Britain’s newest generation of fighter jets said it all. “This is simply a phenomenal flying machine.”

After all the bitter controversy over the Government’s decision to scrap the iconic Harrier jump jet in 2010 as part of the defence cuts, a team of Britain’s top gun fighter pilots has now arrived in the U.S. to begin testing its successor, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Under the Government’s plans to build two new aircraft carriers equipped with state-of-the-art fighters, the role of the F-35 is crucial to the programme’s success. Like the Harrier before it, the F-35 has the ability to conduct vertical landings.

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