Denmark Selects F-35 Lightning II as Next-Generation Fighter

June 09, 2016

The Danish government announced today its selection of the F-35 as the Royal Danish Air Force’s next-generation fighter aircraft of choice. After a 30-day review following the Danish Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) initial F-35 recommendation, the Denmark Parliament confirmed the government’s recommendation to acquire 27 F-35As.

Jeff Babione, F-35 Program general manager, stated, “Lockheed Martin is honored by the trust and confidence the Danish government continues to show in the F-35 program with the approval to purchase the F-35 Lightning II. We stand ready to accommodate Denmark’s decision and will continue to work with the U.S. government and the F-35 Joint Program Office to support the procurement of the F-35.”

“Based on the evaluation results, the parties agree that the future Danish fighter must be F-35A Joint Strike Fighter,” said the Danish MOD in a statement today.

 See the Danish MOD's official statement. (English translation not yet available).