Cornerstone Laying for F-35 Squadron

Israeli Air Force // November 19, 2014

The F-35 JSF "Adir" (Hebrew for mighty) project is underway: The cornerstone for the squadron and simulator structures was laid in Nevatim Airbase earlier this week. "This is a very important event in IAF history", said Brigadier General Lihu Hachohen, Commander of Nevatim Airbase. "This stealth aircraft has considerable impact even before its arrival: It strengthens our deterrence. This strong and advanced aircraft is about to enter the Middle East and here it means a lot".

Photo by Guy Ashash.

Due to their complexity, the squadron and simulator buildings are the first structures to be built. The building of the squadron is matchless, the simulator is highly advanced and the HAS (Hardened Aircraft Shelter) will fit the exact dimensions of the JSFs and meet the needs of the aircrews optimally. 

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