Canadian JSF Industry Group Releases Open Letter on F-35 Procurement

Canadian JSF Industry Group (CJIG) // May 21, 2014

There has been a great deal of inaccurate information and rhetoric in the news recently about the benefits of a competition for a new fighter aircraft to replace Canada’s aging, and ever-increasingly more expensive to maintain and operate, fleet of CF-18’s. We believe it’s time that Canadian industry – in this case the Canadian JSF Industry Group – weighed in on this topic. 

Although competition makes for good sound bites, the reality is it has serious economic consequences. 

From a business perspective, the short term reality is that current Canadian F-35 contracts and jobs will very soon start going to countries that are today buying the aircraft. The decision delays to this point have already cost Canadian companies 100’s of millions of dollars in new opportunities.

Read the full letter from the Canadian JSF Industry Group.

Photo by Lockheed Martin.