Announcement Reaffirms U.S. Air Superiority

Yuma Sun // August 05, 2015

The United States Marine Corps declared Initial Operational Capability (IOC) for its variant of the F-35 Lightning II fighter, a huge milestone in the development of any aircraft — the announcement essentially means they have determined it to be capable of being deployed and ready for service.

This landmark IOC declaration is of critical importance given the numerous other headlines you probably have seen in 2015 telling of how our world is more volatile than any other time in decades. While it’s true that today’s battles are often waged through unconventional means, air superiority has never been more important — making the F-35 decision even more crucial. For example, consider that both Russia and China are heavily investing in developing their own 5th Generation stealth planes, compelling us to stay ahead of the game.

The IOC announcement represents a watershed moment in America’s history given that the Department of Defense has unequivocally stated that the F-35 is critical to its National Defense strategy for the foreseeable future. It isn’t hard to see why the Pentagon has such reverence for the F-35; the difference in technology is about as stark as the GPS unit in your car and an atlas from 1996. The F-35 has 360-degree situational awareness with exceptional maneuverability, state-of-the-art stealth, and secure information sharing. The bottom line is that the F-35 is six to eight times more effective than the country’s legacy fighters.

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