Air Force Hosts Meeting in Fairbanks on Proposed F-35 Fleet for Eielson

News Miner // March 25, 2015

The Air Force hosted a meeting at the Westmark Hotel on Wednesday evening to inform the public about the proposed basing of 48 new F-35 fighter jets at Eielson Air Force Base. Eight other possible locations had been considered as the location of the first Pacific squadrons of F-35s until Eielson was named as the preferred alternative in August.

The public scoping meeting, one of three presented in the Interior in a three-day period, is part of an environmental impact statement process the Air Force must go through before making the final decision about housing the jets at Eielson.

Col. Michael Winkler gave a brief introduction to the group of about 70 attendees, and summarized the Air Force’s rationale behind choosing Eielson as the preferred alternative.

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