News: Stealth

  • The F-35 on Final Approach

    The F-35 on Final Approach

    Air Force Magazine // December 01, 2014
    The huge, hyper-complex F-35 strike fighter program, rightfully described as the Pentagon's most expensive—and most capable—fighter aircraft project ever, is only seven months away from its most critical milestone and acid test: operational service.
  • The F-35 vs. The VHF Threat

    The F-35 vs. The VHF Threat

    The Diplomat // August 21, 2014
    Amid the debate over the F-35’s effectiveness, Yugoslavia offers some interesting insights into the VHF threat.
  • New Data Link Enables Stealthy Comms for F-35

    Air Force Times // July 19, 2013
    Pentagon officials have long identified the F-35 joint strike fighter as key to the future of America’s defense, in large part due to stealth capabilities that should allow the plane to travel in contested environments that older fighters would struggle to penetrate.
  • 5th Generation F-35 Stealth Fighter Makes Headway

    Fox News // May 02, 2013
    F-35 Lighting II, the future jet, will give the U.S. the capability to fly into enemy space first and attack a target with precision weapons at long ranges to clear the way for further forces -- without ever being detected.

    Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II is a 5th-generation stealth fighter developed to safely…