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F-35: The Right Choice for Canada

The F-35A is the best value solution for replacing the CF-18 fleet, and is available today to meet the needs of the Royal Canadian Air Force now and into the future.

On July 31, Lockheed Martin submitted the F-35 Lightning II Request for Proposal response for Canada’s Future Fighter Capability Project. The F-35 is the most advanced, best value fighter to replace the Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 fleet. 

We have supplied the Royal Canadian Air Force with aircraft for more than 80 years, and Lockheed Martin is proud that the F-35 Lightning II offers the most technologically advanced capabilities at an increasingly lower cost for taxpayers, yielding tremendous economic benefits for Canada’s aerospace and defence industry. The F-35 strengthens Canada’s operational capability with our allies and is a cornerstone for interoperability with NORAD and NATO.

With unparalleled stealth, advanced sensors, supersonic speed, weapons capacity and increased range, the F-35 is the most advanced, survivable and connected fighter jet ever built.

Stealth is a critical capability to pilot survivability and the F-35’s unique mix of stealth and sensor technology can enable the Royal Canadian Air Force to covertly patrol, monitor and conduct surveillance without being detected.

The F-35 has an operational mission radius greater than 700 nautical miles in low observable configurations and internal fuel capacity of nearly 19,000 pounds. When the mission doesn't require low observability, the F-35 can carry more than 18,000 pounds of ordnance.

The F-35 is the fighter jet of choice for Canada’s closest allies. The United States, Denmark and Norway will operate the F-35 in the Arctic to counter increasingly sophisticated adversary threats. Quickly becoming the backbone of NATO airpower, the F-35 is interoperable with the United States and NATO, allowing Canada to integrate with the U.S. for NORAD operations, as well as with Canada’s allies in the Arctic.

Many of Canada’s other allies such as the United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Australia are F-35 program participants. As a result, there will be increased coordination among NATO and other allies during peacekeeping missions around the globe.

At less than $80 million USD, the F-35 truly is a 5th Generation aircraft at equal to or less than the price of legacy 4th Generation aircraft. With smart acquisition strategies, strong government-industry partnership and a relentless focus on cost reduction, the F-35 enterprise successfully reduced procurement costs for the Government of Canada.

According to the Statistics Canada model, approximately 50,000 jobs will be created in Canada through the selection of the F-35. To date, nearly 10,000 Canadian jobs have been created as a result of Canada’s partnership status in the F-35 global partnership program.

Canada has been an industry partner on the F-35 program for more than 15 years and has been offered nearly 200 projects in the Industrial Participation Plan.

110 Canadian companies have already contributed to the development and production of the F-35. Thus far, Canadian companies have been awarded high value contracts as part of the F-35 global supply chain amounting to $2 billion USD and approximately $120 million in capital investment for facility upgrades. Yet to be measured is the export opportunities already realized by small and medium-sized companies stemming from the expertise they have gained as an F-35 supplier. Being part of developing and producing the F-35 is without doubt a once in a generational experience for Canadian suppliers, innovators and aviators.

Lockheed Martin is proud of our history supporting the Royal Canadian Air Force and the brave men and women who protect Canadian here at home and abroad. Whatever future missions demand, the F-35 is the right choice for Canada.