F-35 Suppliers in Australia

Suppliers across Australia are already realizing the industrial benefits of the program: new high-tech machines, increased exports and employment opportunities for the next generation. In this video, hear from some of the people behind the F-35 in Australia.

Featured in this video are BAE Systems Australia, Ferra, Levett Engineering, Lovitt Technologies, Marand, Quickstep and Lockheed Martin Australia. Read on to hear more about how the F-35 has affected Australian companies. 

F-35 Program Spurs Growth for HTA

Ten years ago, Karen Stanton took a risk with her family business. She and her brother, who co-own the business, invested millions of dollars into research and development to expand HTA’s capabilities into the aerospace and defense segment.

At the time, there was a gap in the Australian industry’s aerospace manufacturing capabilities – and Karen recognized that gap.

“We knew the F-35 program would be a major opportunity for progress, so we invested in growing our capabilities and expanding our facilities and our teams,” Karen says.

Since then, HTA has indeed expanded and grown both its personnel and facilities base.

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A Bright Future for Levett Thanks to the F-35 

“It started as a one-man business in my backyard,” explains Paul Levett, founder of Levett Engineering, which is now one of Australia’s major suppliers of F-35 components.

Paul founded the company in 1989 after serving in an apprenticeship role at Australia’s Department of Defence. Levett Engineering now employees 48 employees and its factory will soon be running around the clock, with a third shift of work being added soon. The company performs machining work to manufacture F-35 airframe components, as well as engine components for Pratt and Whitney’s F-135 engine, which is installed in all three variants of the F-35.

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