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Norwegian Government Proposes Historic Defence Spending Increase

Norwegian Ministry of Defence // June 17, 2016

The Norwegian Government today presented a white paper to Parliament describing the Long Term Plan for the Norwegian Armed Forces for the years 2017-2020. The Government recommends a gradual increase in the defence budget over the course of the coming four years to a 2020-level NOK 7.2 billion above 2016-levels, and that over the coming 20 years will see an accumulated total of NOK 165 billion in additional funding for the Norwegian Armed Forces.


We are looking to strengthen short-term readiness, to invest in future capabilities and to create real long term sustainability. We have to ensure that we, along with our allies, have the means to present a credible deterrent against the use of force. This plan enables us to do just that, says Norwegian Minister of Defence, Ms. Ine Eriksen Søreide.

Among several measures, the Long Term Plan proposes a series of investments in capabilities of strategic importance that will focus on improving intelligence, situational awareness, survivability and the striking power of the Norwegian Armed Forces. In addition to completing the acquisition of the F-35 Lightning II, the plan recommends an acquisition of four new submarines, to replace the current fleet, replacement of Norway’s Maritime Patrol Aircraft, as well as significant investments in modern air defence systems.

Read the full report from the Norwegian Ministry of Defence.