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RAAF F-35 Maintenance Training Making Progress

Australian Aviation // September 13, 2017

The team charged with bringing home Australia’s F-35A Lightning II in December 2018 has reached a few important milestones, with 27 of the first cadre of maintenance crew completing technical training in May.

Squadron Leader Leigh Tinker, senior engineering officer for the F-35A Transition Team, said in a statement on September 12 that he now has 20 personnel stationed at Luke Air Force Base, after initial maintenance training was completed at Eglin Air Force Base.

A number of maintenance personnel have returned to Australia to prepare for the arrival of the aircraft at RAAF Base Williamtown.

Most of them will form the core of 3 Squadron when it stands up as the Royal Australian Air Force’s first F-35A squadron, with others posted to 2 Operational Conversion Unit.

Meanwhile, Wing Commander Darren Clare, who will become the commanding officer of 3 Squadron when the unit transitions from the Hornet, has completed his first flight in the F-35A.

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