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Joint Strike Fighter a Government-Industry Partnership Exemplar?

The Mandarin // June 17, 2016

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program has stretched governments’ tolerance over the last 10 years of development and production, but an industry conference in Canberra this week heard it was an exemplar of what partnerships can offer to public project delivery. Kim Gillis, the Department of Defence’s deputy secretary for its capability acquisition and sustainment group, told the 2016 Defence Industry Conference he believed there was no other program that better demonstrates the value of partnerships to build capability.

Its approach would be the template for future partnerships. “It’s exceptional that Australian industry is supplying components to the entire fleet of F-35s with around 3000 aircraft expected to be manufactured worldwide,” Gillis said. Australian industry participation in the F-35 has reached a value of around AUD$750 million as of December 2015 — and is expected to triple over the next four years.

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