Conventional Takeoff and Landing Variant

F-35A Lightning II

Virtually undetectable to an enemy that cannot hide, the conventional takeoff and landing (CTOL) F-35A gives the U.S. Air Force and allies the power to dominate the skies – anytime, anywhere. It’s an agile, versatile, high-performance 9g multirole fighter that provides unmatched capability and unprecedented situational awareness.

The F-35A’s advanced sensor package is designed to gather and distribute more information than any fighter in history, giving operators a decisive advantage over all adversaries. Its tremendous processing power, open architecture, sophisticated sensors, information fusion and flexible communication links make the F-35 an indispensable tool in future homeland defense, joint and coalition irregular warfare, and major combat operations.

With conventional takeoff and landing capability, the F-35A is built for traditional air force bases. The F-35A uses the boom method of aerial refueling and is the only variant to have an internal cannon.

The U.S. Air Force as well as the majority of our allied air forces will fly the F-35A, making it the most prevalent F-35 variant. 

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