• F-35 Airshows

    F-35 Airshows

    Partnerships Soar at International Airshows

    Global partnerships are essential to the success of the F-35 Lightning II.

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  • Dick McCrillis

    August 15, 2014 // Supporters
    "Regarding the column “Big-budget F-35 ‘can't turn, can't climb, can't run'” by David Axe, national security editor at Medium.com: Mr. Axe clearly has one to grind. This entire column is based on one cleverly dramatic quote, not actual test data. This kind of stone-throwing by a non-aviator, non-engineer really boils me.​ It's grossly simplistic solipsism to say that if something is expensive and part of the Department of Defense, it must perforce be a stupid purchase. Axe adds enough qualifiers in his text to cover his delicate sensibility, but this column is a waste of ink. While in the Navy, I flew an A-7 Corsair — an absolute slug of a single-engine airplane — for over 2,000 flight hours and hundreds of carrier landings. It was grossly underpowered with a notoriously unreliable engine. Yet it was a hugely successful machine in the only place where it counts: actual combat. The A-7 proved itself in Vietnam, Libya, Grenada, Lebanon and even the first Gulf War. How did we ever survive without some “analyst” telling the world about all its faults? We learned the airplane and played its strengths against the enemy's weaknesses. Based on what I read in the column, the RAND Corp. “study” was most likely a simple graph-versus-graph comparison of the F-35 and a number of nominally comparable Chinese fighters. It is a lousy analysis."

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  • Dean Pyle

    August 09, 2014 // Supporters
    "[...] Over time, Luke [Air Force Base] will become the largest F-35 pilot-training base in the world. Once again, Luke will be known worldwide for the prestige it deserves for exceptional training in these exotic next-generation aircraft. The F-35 guarantees the air superiority of the U.S., and the economy of West Valley and the whole state will be enhanced when the full complement of the F-35s are stationed there. These are very exciting times. When we can look up and see them flying in our skies, we can take great pride in our government at least getting one thing right. It took a lot of bipartisan effort to produce this important replacement for the aging F-16s, and we should be grateful."

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  • Doug Fisher

    July 29, 2014 // Supporters
    "I am writing to thank Senators Alexander and Corker for their continued commitment to our great state, our nation, and especially to our military. Their support ensures that our military personnel here and abroad are equipped with the equipment and capabilities need to keep our nation safe. [...] One example is our Senators ongoing support for the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, that will keep the U.S. at the forefront and dominant in air defense technology. Not only is this new aircraft skillful in countering potential adversaries, it is also designed to require less maintenance and support than our aging legacy fighters, which will translate into across-the-board savings for our country."

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  • Steve Cope, former mayor of Tullahoma, Tennessee

    Steve Cope, former mayor of Tullahoma, Tennessee

    May 15, 2014 // PoliticiansSupporters
    "The jobs of tomorrow are already underway in Tennessee today — building parts for our country's newest fighter jet: the F-35 Lightning II. [...] Even the initial low-rate production of the F-35 will support more than 140 direct and indirect jobs in our state. Tennessee companies like Tevet in Mosheim and Goodrich Landing Gear in my hometown of Tullahoma are all benefiting from this important new project and offering good-paying jobs."

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  • Ken Funderburk

    April 18, 2014 // Supporters
    "The F-35 is not useless and a waste of money [...] Russia and China are expected to have F-35 fighters by 2020. If we don't have a deterrent, we're stupid."

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  • Brian Andrews

    Brian Andrews, President, 162nd Fighter Wing Air Guardians

    February 07, 2014 // Supporters
    "The newest jet fighter is the F-35, built to handle multiple roles. It is the jet fighter of the future. And with it, [Davis-Monthan Air Force Base] will have a future."

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  • Bill W.

    January 22, 2014 // Supporters
    "I am a second generation Moog INC. employee. We supply the F-35 with cutting edge primary flight controls. The F-35 is a crucial fighter jet to provide the U.S. with continued air superiority into the future, as well as employment to further Americas economic stability for the next generation."
  • Raphael G.

    January 22, 2014 // Supporters
    "Being ex-Navy and growing up next to an Air Force Base in Texas, seeing the coming of the jet age in 1950s as the time went by, I can see why we need to stay ahead of the threats of the enemy. I was on the way to Vietnam, and the aircraft were the best of the time. I was on the carrier USS Kitty Hawk 1976-1978. If I could get a chance to work with it, the F-35 would be a dream to handle the fighter on the deck. "
  • Victor S.

    January 17, 2014 // Supporters
    "I have followed the Joint Strike Fighter program since I first found out about it at the age of 12. My next step was the purchase of a flight simulator by Eidos that featured the X-32 and X-35 prototype aircraft. The game was supposed to be quite accurate in representing the cockpit of the Joint Strike Fighter, and I must say if that simulator is anything like the real aircraft the interface alone will be absolutely revolutionary for any given combat role. The amount of useful information one has within this aircraft is stunning. I am very happy that Lockheed Martin is actively engaging all these countries to join in to the F-35 Program. This will greatly impact any future coalition operations to a high degree in that the forces will have common experience in terms of operation and training back and have a great effect on actual warfare. "
  • Michael C.

    January 15, 2014 // Supporters
    "I have air force heritage and believe in the need for staying the leader in weapons technology and believe that all efforts have spin off benefit for the civilian world. My son is in the Navy, and I feel safer knowing that as the Navy owns the seas, a pilot in an F-35 owns the air above my son's ship. "